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look good on any device!

You need a website that is responsive to the device displaying it. With so many people accessing the internet on mobile devices today, it is important that your content looks good no matter what.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Google Says Mobile Searches Surpass Those on PCs. "Google now sees more than 100 billion searches a month. The company said in May that searches on mobile devices outnumbered those on desktop computers in 10 countries, including the U.S. and Japan."

Because of this shift to mobile devices, Google's search engine now gives priority to websites that are mobile friendly.
Website Basket is keeping pace by producing websites with a mobile first approach that are responsive to the device being used.

The Development Process

We understand what it takes to get your company online. We will work closely with you to choose a style that best meets your needs. We will get to know your organization in order to best convey your brand to your customers.

This stage is where we will discuss the goals and requirement for your website

Design and Development
The information that was outlined in the planning stage will be created digitally. You will be presented with various styles to choose from. Review and revisions are made to the website and then it will be given a final polish.

During this phase we look for tiny improvements and then transfer your website to the live server.

3 Reasons you need a website now

Your customers want to know about you and the services you provide. Not everyone can check out your business from 9-5. Your website will be there waiting on them 24 hours a day | 7 days a week | 365 days a year! Your customers and your competition are online. You should be here too.

A great website will boost your brand upon the first visit. A website is the digital representation of your company. It will validate your organization and prove to potential customers that your business means business.

A website is key to generating more sales. Your website will be there to meet with potential clients and showcase your catalog of services or merchandise. If your client have more questions that can always get in touch by sending you a message through the contact form or they can sign up for your email newsletter.